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Concert Zender
Dutch broadcasting corporation that recorded ‘Brass Quintet & Percussion’ and ‘Black Wind’.

Adelaide Festival
Adelaide Festival. Bi-annual world renown international arts festival that takes place in Adelaide/ Australia.

Amsterdam Sinfonietta
Amsterdam Sinfonietta. Chamber Orchestra based in the Netherlands which is at the front of the international chamber music culture

November Music
November Music Festival. Annual festival of contemporary music that takes place in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Etienne Siebens
Belgian conductor Etienne Siebens has an international reputation in the field of contemporary music. He has a position in the heart of the Belgian musical scene.

Claire Edwardes Percussion
Web site of Sydney based and renowned percussionist Claire Edwardes

Australian Music Centre
Australian publisher’s site with extensive info on Australian composers and their works

French Composer’s site connected to the prestigious IRCAM. The site offers all sort of info on composers, concerts and events