Musical Racing Car

By Kim Bowman on May 4, 2021 in Sound Sculptures
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Any. Accessible for wheel chairs.

Stainless Steel and Iron Bark, treated with Max Wax furniture wax.

Ways of playing:
By turning or spinning the wheels either way, the ball bearings in the spokes and the wheels start moving and creating tinkling sounds.

By lifting and dropping the gear sticks, the marbles inside start moving, generating pitches

Diameter: 30. 35 and 40 centimetres steering wheels.

Height: 1.2 metre. Width: 2.6metres. Length: 1.5 metre
Weight: 120 kilos.

Footings and Fixings:
Stainless Steel brackets to be bolted down onto concrete. Wheels are filled with 2 component polyurethane foam