Talking Tube

By admin on May 17, 2013 in Sound Sculptures
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Age: Any

Stainless steel, Iron Bark treated with Linseed Oil, PVC extension pipe for underground

Ways of playing and sound:
A remote speaker and microphone. Talk from one end to someone at the other end.

Height: 64 cm and 98 cm.
Length: Variable and any
Weight of the stainless steel and Iron Bark elements: 25 kg each.

Available arrangements:
The two ‘speaker’ elements are standard. The PVC pipe connecting them can be of any length.

Also available as handrail on wall

Footings and fixings:
The two ‘speaker’ elements need an in-ground footing. A trench needs to be dug for the required length of the PVC pipes. The ‘speaker’¬†elements are provided with PVC sockets for the PVC pipes. Also available as hand rail in stainless steel.