Talking Tube

By admin on May 17, 2013 in Sound Sculptures
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Age: Any

Stainless steel, Iron Bark treated with Max Wax furniture wax. PVC extension pipe for underground

Ways of playing and sound:
A remote speaker and microphone. Talk from one end to someone at the other end.

Height: 64 (bell)/93 cm and 84 (bell)/113 cm above ground.
Length: Variable and any
Weight of the stainless steel and Iron Bark elements: 25 kg each.

Available arrangements:
The two ‘speaker’ elements are standard. The PVC pipe connecting them can be of any length.

Also available as handrail on wall

Footings and fixings:
The two ‘speaker’ elements need an in-ground footing. A trench needs to be dug for the required length of the PVC pipes. The ‘speaker’ elements are provided with PVC sockets for the PVC pipes. Also available as hand rail in stainless steel.