Giant Guiros

By admin on March 21, 2013 in Sound Sculptures
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Giant Guiros at The Rose Garden in Seattle Zoo USA 2018

Age: Any.

Iron Bark treated with Max Wax furniture wax.. Stainless Steel feet (optional).

Ways of playing and sounds:
Pitched slits hit by built in beaters or use of hands, will produce mellow wooden sounds. Rasping sounds are made when sticks, keys or fingers are run across grooves.

small – 2.5m (1.8m above ground).
middle – 2.75m (2.05m above ground).
large – 2.9m (2.2m above ground).

small – 54 kilos.
middle – 58 kilos.
large – 62 kilos.

Available arrangement:
Set of 3 poles.
Single pole.

Footings and Fixings:
Excavate 500 mm diameter and 700 mm deep for each pole. No fines concrete 500 mm deep covered with 200 mm soil, turf or mulch. If Sculptures are to be installed onto concrete: Stainless Steel feet bolted down with 3 bolts each.